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Dominican Republic mission work

Hello all.

My name is Pastor Walter Trescher Ries Junior, misionary for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil. This blog is for the show you the God's work in Dominican Republic. This first picture is a map for the location in the world.

Always warm and TROPICAL!
About 9.5 million
Language: Español
Favorite Foods:
Arroz moro y habichuelas (Rice & Beans) and Platanos (Plantains)…made 101 ways!
The DR is famous for…
Merengue music, baseball players and beautiful beaches
The DR’s importance in History!!!! COLUMBUS landed in the DR on his first voyage in 1492. The Island of Hispaniola (DR and Haiti) became a springboard for Spanish conquest of the Caribbean and the American mainland. How big are we? The DR is slightly more than twice the size of New Hampshire or 48,730 sq km. About 40 porcent of people live in poverty.

We live in the city of Santiago, which is is the north of the country, south of Puerto Plata.

History the mision:

The member of St. Michael Lutheran Church, Fort Myers, Fla., became aware of the needs of people in the Dominican Republic when they began mission trips a few years ago to Santiago, their Dominican sister city. In 2003, St. Michael approached Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services of Watertown, Wis., an LCMS reconized service organization that serves people with developmental disabilities. Bethesda began providing training and resoucer for the Home of New Hope. This led to work with other local agencies, such as Dominican Childcare, to train workes in sharing Christ's love with children with desabilities.

In fall 2004, LCMS World Mission, LCMS World Relief and Human Care, Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Sevices, and the Cantral American Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS) signed an agreement to expand the work of St. Michael and Bethesda. This first-of.its.kind coalition sought to bring a collaborative approch to opening full-time mission work in the Dominican Republic.

By God's grace, in August 2005, the partners celebrated the instalation of missionaries in the Dominican Republic, Pastor Walter T. Ries Junior and the missionary Danelle L. Putnam

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Greicy disse...

Hi there, I live in DR but you guys are stablished in Santiago, and I am in Santo Domingo, I'd like to know if there's a church here. God bless you!